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Product Name: Bar type lcd with hp lcd speaker bar nq576
Size: 23.1 inch
System: Android
Viewing Angle: 85/85/85/85
Outside dimension: 597.4*60.4*15mm
Interface connector: USB, HDMI

Bar type lcd with hp lcd speaker bar nq576

Product description

The bar type lcd with hp lcd speaker bar nq576 is designed for  advertisement ,such as the surpemarket goods ads,taxi ads etc.The very wide screen makes it easy to display your advertising ideas and give you a good visual effect. 

Bar type lcd with hp lcd speaker bar nq576  advantage:

  • Original LCD screen, without cutting, more reliable quality;

  • Full HD resolution (1920*158) provide images with life-like detail and panoramic content view;

  • Narrow bezel, each side about 5mm, Super thin design,with hp lcd speaker bar nq576

  • Timer Function: Auto power On / Off at pre-set time;

  • Content management sofeware (CMS) is available;

shelf lcd mounting.jpg

How to use the bar type lcd with hp lcd speaker bar nq576  ?

1.The windows 10 stretched display build in android, cms, with lcd backlight stripyou could update display content in internet;

2.You could update the display via mobilephone ; Scaning QR code, you can manage the lcd led strip through mobile,including content publishing, content on demand and so on;

3.We have another version, connector usb, the desktop screen stretched out  in APK, could update display content via usb disk;

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About Xinsenyue:

XINSENYUE is specializing in high brightness my screen looks stretched equipment research and development, production and sale of the company. Our main products include high brightness hp lcd speaker bar installation, windows 10 display stretched ,resize stretched display windows 10 with DVI,USB, HDMI port.

The production process of windows screen stretched.jpg

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