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The Wide LCD Screen Monitor For Novel Tourist Bus
来源: XINSENYUE | 作者: Kevin | 发布时间: 2019-17-04
More and more people like to travel ,which is the reason that many travel companies are improving their infrastructure.The news introduce the tourist bus lcd screen.

   With the development of transportation and the improvement of people’s  living standard ,traveling has become a more and more popular trend.That’s way so many tourist company are committed to improve the tourist infrastructure.This title mainly introduce the 28.6inch wide lcd display for novel tourist bus advertising screen monitor.





   The LCD vehicle display is a new technology, which is along with high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, and high color uniformity.What’s more,comparing to the normal lcd displays ,the wide lcd screens of Xinsenyue also have the features of long life,and low failure etc.



   The 28.6inch wide lcd display is not only an signage screen in bus to display the route ways or the schedule arrangements of the tourist.according to this way ,the tourists can see the wide lcd screen clearly;but also it can use to be an advertising screen monitor to display the advertisements what you want to play,such as the pictures or videos of the sightseeing place.When you connect with the Internet ,it can also update the content whenever you want.

28.6 inch in bus.jpg

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