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The Wall-mount Touch Screen LCD Advertising Display Monitor
来源: XINSENYUE | 作者: Kevin | 发布时间: 2019-03-04
With the widely use of wide LCD screen,the wall-mounted touch screen lcd advertising display monitor also becomes a trend ,we can see them in different fields.

With the continuous development of multimedia technology and the popularization of digital signage ,the use of LCD display screen is becoming the trend of advertising marketing and the need of advertising reform.

In particular, the wall-mounted advertising LCD screen is becoming more and more popular among customers in different fields. This news talks about the wall-mount touch screen LCD advertising monitor.




1. What is the wall-mount touch screen?

Being different from the wide lcd screen,the wall-mount touch screen advertising display with touch function,which can make the users have a better experience.The customers can change and search the content what they want to display.

And the wall-mount design can not only save the place of supermarket ,but also attract the attentions of customers.

 wide lcd _ 22.jpg

2.Why choose the wall-mount lcd advertising screen?

As we can see, the wall-mounted advertising screens have successfully provided professional touch-sensitive products and solutions, which have been increasingly recognized and used by the advertising industry. Its scientific and technological sense has left a deep impression on many users.

As a professional wide lcd manufacturer, Xiamen Xinsenyue.Technology Co Ltd  follows the trend and conforms to the market, launching the “wall-mounted touch screen lcd display,which can be customed .

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