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The Hot-sale Stretched Bar Ultra-wide LCD Display Screen Monitor
来源: XINSENYUE | 作者: Kevin | 发布时间: 2019-16-09
Xiamen Xinsenyue Technology Co Ltd made cooperation with famous manufacturer,and made the deal of its 28.6 inch stretched bar ultra-wide LCD display monitor screen.

     Recently, Xiamen Xinsenyue Technology Co. Ltd has made cooperation with famous manufacture and supplier,and made a deal of its hot-sale prodcut, 28.6 inch stretched bar ultra-wide LCD display monitor screen.The quantity of this order was 2000,which means the technology and certification of Xiamen Xinsenyue are worth affirming.At the same time,Xiamen xinsenyue will never give it up at half way,but keep on making more processes in the future.

Here are the details about the hot-sale product:

1.Screen Size: 28.6 inch

2.Luminance: 500 nits

3.Contrast Ratio: 3000:1

4.Response Time: 8ms

5.Display colors: 16.7M

6.Resolution: 1920*540

7.Interface:  ①.hdmi / vga / dvi, the lcd is as a monitor, could connect to PC; 

                    ②.usb, will built in app, you could store the display content in the lcd through usb, the lcd will display the content; 

                    ③.build in Android,  USB /RJ 45 /WIFI/HDMI, you could use same as "2" method, and the lcd could same as a big android display, you could update the content in internet.


Rome was not bulit in a day.Xiamen Xinsenyue will be harder and keep on making the wide LCD display better and better.

More details about the 28.6 inch stretched bar ultra-wide lcd  display monitor please contact us at melody@xinsenyue.com

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