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The Feature and Function of Wide LCD Display
来源: XINSENYUE | 作者: Kevin | 发布时间: 2019-14-03
Nowadays more and more wide LCD display can be seen everywhere in our daily life.This news mainly introduce the feature and function of wide lcd display.

    With the development of social technology and economy,how to attract the attention of customers is the most important and critical task for business advertising,and that's why more and more wide lcd display are applied in life,not only in industrial ,but also in bus transportation,supermarket shopping malls.This news mainly introduce the feature and function of wide lcd display.Take the car strip screen for example.


   The car strip screen is a kind of bar lcd display on vechical transportation,which is defferent from the ordinary installation in a fixed place.On the technical level, due to its special application environment, the requirements of the car long strip LCD screen products are much higher than the traditional LED display screens.To become a qualified car bar screen,it needs to be protected from moisture, rain, lightning, sun, dust, cold and corrosion. And it must be anti-static, anti-interference, anti-vibration, and has over-current, short-circuit, under-voltage protection and so on.


   As a more novel advertising information communication medium, the car bar screen can store a large amount of text information, control the display mode of text and font through the built-in microprocessor, realize the advantages of timing display function, and can also spread everywhere. It completely eliminates the restraint of the traditional display screen and has the characteristics of mobile display, so it is highly respected by new media advertisers.


Why the car bar screens are becoming more and more popular?

  1. convenience

It can provide the stop signage and route information to passengers.



If there is a mobile display to broadcast news, entertainment shows, weather, advertising information in front of passengers on the bus.This kind of media can actively attract the attention of passengers to the greatest extent, and it is sure to get a woderful advertising effect.


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