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The Basic Principles of LCD Screen
This news mainly introduce the basic principles of LCD screen operating ,according to change the magnitude of the voltage,then to control the brightness.

    As we all know,the LCD technology has been applied in people's daily life,it is not mysterious.Today,this news mainly introduce the basic principles of LCD screen opeartaing.

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   The basic principle of LCD liquid crystal display is to place the liquid crystal between two conductive glass substrates. Under the action of two electrodes of the upper and lower glass substrates, the liquid crystal molecules are distorted and deformed, and the polarization state of the light beam passing through the liquid crystal cell is changed ,then to control the switch of backlight source.

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    The liquid crystal display technology changes the brightness according to the magnitude of the voltage. The color of the sub-element display depends on the color filter program. Since the liquid crystal itself has no color, the color filter is used to generate various colors instead of sub-picture elements. The sub-picture element can only adjust the gray level by controlling the intensity of light passing through. Only a few active matrix displays are controlled by analog signals, most of which are adopted by digital signal control technology. Most digitally controlled LCD screens use an eight-bit controller that produces 256 levels of grayscale. Each sub-element can represent 256 levels, then you can get 2,563 colors, each of which can represent 16,777,216 colors. The eyes of human about perception of brightness is not linear, and the our eyes are more sensitive to low-light changes, so the 24-bit chromaticity does not fully meet the ideal requirements. That’s why engineers use pulse voltage regulation to make color changes,and make it look more uniform.

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