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Advertising Screen 16.7 inch Strip Ultra-wide LCD Stretched Digital Display
来源: XINSENYUE | 作者: Kevin | 发布时间: 2019-29-04
The wide LCD displays have been widely used in people's daily life,such as advertising,transportation ,medical caring,and they are becoming more and more thinner.

The wide LCD displays have beenn widely used in people's daily life,such as advertising,transportation,medical caring,museum and airport,which is an noaml phenomenon,we can see them everywhere.

This artile mainly introduce the 16.7inch strip ultra-wide LCD advertising stretched display screen.

16.7 inch wide lcd.jpg

The parameter details of 16.7inch wide lcd display:

  1. Size: 16.7inch 

  2. Resolution: 1366*371

  3. Display area: 410*111.4mm

  4. Outline dimension: 430*131.4mm

  5. Brightness: 450 nit 

  6. Application:  Exhibition hall,

                             KTV bar,

                             Travel agency

                             Fitness ceneter

                             Connference center

                             and so on.

16.7 inch wide lcd.jpg

With the development and improvment of technology,more and more the wide LCD displays are becoming thinner and thinner.However,they are still with the feratures of “high brightness”"high resolution"and "quick response".

They have been currently used in many cities and have a wonderful visual effect,which also have clear and large visible area, adjustable display ratio,  bright colors and long service life.

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